June 9, 2018

The COBLATION™ course features scientific lectures, workshops and open discussions, enabling the delegate to learn more about COBLATION tonsillectomy and other applications. The subject around different methods of tonsillar tissue removal is explored in depth as well as step-by-step guides to best practice. Practical workstations will allow the delegates to learn and practice the techniques required to use this technology safely in a controlled environment.

Learning objectives:
• Understand core principles of COBLATION in ENT and how it differs from other RF devices
• Increase knowledge of using COBLATION technology in tonsillectomy, turbinate reduction, laryngeal procedures and soft palate, also removal of nasal polyps and tumour resection
• Selecting appropriate patients for the procedures to ensure good patient outcomes

Participant profile: 
• HCPs with experience in tonsillectomy and other ENT procedures listed above
• Those wishing to gain a full understanding of COBLATION in ENT surgery
• The course will be conducted in English, therefore a good command of the language is essential

Chairman: To be announced

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